Bloomberg News writes and delivers the news that gives our clients the advantage. Our reporters and editors produce more than 5,000 stories every day, for an audience of millions.

We write about money and markets in all forms—across print, web, mobile, radio and beyond. Through our internship opportunities, new journalists are thrust into the world of economies, companies, governments and markets—challenged to make contacts, develop expertise and deliver quality stories. In the process, you’ll learn by proximity and collaboration with some of the most experienced writers and editors.

This experience represents both a career-making moment and a "boot camp" of sorts, designed to help you and the company discover if we share the same goals. The principles that drive Bloomberg News—accuracy, precision, fairness, integrity and transparency—haven’t changed since our inception under Editor-in-Chief Matthew Winkler 20 years ago. We are who we are. With more than 1,800 journalists, we’re already one of the world’s largest newsgathering operations.

Who thrives here? Brilliant, relentless individuals who are dedicated to gaining market expertise. Professionals who respect the craft of fact-based business journalism.

Case Study: New Launchpad

Bloomberg News stories have broad influence and breakout potential.

What’s the story?

One standout example is reporter David Evans’ "Duping the Families of Fallen Soldiers" story.

Why did it matter?

"Fallen Soldiers" took off and resulted in a change of policy by the U.S. Veteran’s Administration. The series also prompted Congressional investigations and subpoenas of insurance companies by New York’s Attorney General.

To learn more, read the full article here.


At Bloomberg News, we rely on our internship program as a pipeline for all entry-level hires. During these 10-to-12 week programs, interns gain hands-on experience reporting and writing for one of the world’s leading financial news services.


Internship opportunities are available for students and recent graduates in the winter, summer and fall. Internship recruiting for Bloomberg News extends into April and May for the summer internship. Recruiting begins mid-summer for the fall and winter internships.


Successful candidates will produce breaking news stories under deadline pressure for our coverage of financial markets, companies, economies and governments. Responsibilities may also include pitching and writing enterprise stories, conducting exclusive interviews and collaborating with our other media platforms.

Facts and Figures
  • Stories in English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and German.
  • Syndicated to 450 publications worldwide.
  • Articles inform more than 300,000 terminal clients and Bloomberg Markets readers, millions of Bloomberg Businessweek readers and more than 21 million unique visitors to Bloomberg web properties.
  • High-impact stories reach more than 250 million homes via Bloomberg Television®.